In a bid to position itself at the forefront of exploring uncrewed aerial systems (UAS) in Kenya, Fahari Aviation, a subsidiary of Kenya Airways, has launched the first drone enclosure facility in Kenya. The Fahari Drone Cage will be used for training and testing of drones and drone equipment.

The subsidiary and its new facility is part of Kenya Airways’ strategy of contributing to the sustainable development of Africa by championing new dimensions within the industry with the use of drones and uncrewed aircraft.

According to Major General Michael Gichangi, “The future of aviation is based on identifying opportunities for innovation and diversification to build a resilient business that is committed to the sustainable development of Africa.” He added: “We have over the years proved to be a leader in aviation innovation and it is this openness to innovation that has led to the establishment of Fahari Aviation and the first drone enclosure facility here in Nairobi – the Drone Cage. Through the Drone Cage, we hope to see enhanced innovation, research and development of UAS technology in our communities through interactive work across partners, corporates, universities, industries and individuals.”

A Fahari Drone Club will complement the new drone facility, providing resources to learn and practice techniques and skills for the safe operations of drones and a community for UAS enthusiasts.

Meanwhile Hawkins Musili, General Manger of Fahari Aviation added that, “The drone cage will provide a safe environment for practice and training while the drone club will provide a platform for the drone enthusiasts to grow the UAS industry in Kenya and the region.”

He also noted that “UAS are creating new opportunities for individuals and enterprises. Having a community of drone enthusiasts builds a strong foundation for us and like-minded people who want to bring out their ideas through UAS for the sustainable development of the region.”

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