JOhn Wayne Airport

Los Angeles’ John Wayne Airport has noted that passenger traffic in July 2021 (890,185 passengers) increased 272.3% when compared with July 2020 passenger traffic (239,120 passengers). The figures for this year mark a decrease of just 5.9% when compared to July 2019 when 946,111 passengers travelled through the airport.

Commercial aircraft operations increased 85.9% commuter aircraft operations increased 14.6% when compared with July 2020 levels. Comparing July 2021 to 2019 levels, commercial aircraft operations of 7,294 decreased 5.5 % and commuter aircraft operations of 527 increased 0.8%.

In addition, the airport also noted that total aircraft operations increased in July 2021 compared with the same month in 2020 with 31,998 take-offs and landings in July this year compared to 23,694 total operations in July 2020 (a 35% increase). Aircraft operations also increased 16.3% compared to July 2019 when the airport saw 27,520 aircraft operations.

General aviation activity, which accounted for 75.5% of the total aircraft operations during July 2021, increased 25.4% when compared with July 2020, and increased 25.8% when compared to general aviation activity of 19,194 in July 2019, which accounted for 69.7% of total aircraft operations.

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