ITW GSE has launched EcoGate as a solution that enables individual ground support units such as GPUs, PCAs, charging stations and even aircraft detection systems to work together.

The central EcoGate technology is ITW GSE’s Intelligent Power Management (IPM) from which all ITW GSE equipment can be powered from a single power line running from the gate’s power supply to the 3500 PCA. From there, IPM allocates power to the different units – always prioritising the needs of GPUs. By managing power allocation this way, EcoGate enables airports to upgrade or add new gate equipment without having to install costly new power infrastructure.

“Airports want to improve their gate technology, but many are held back because of limited power capacity and the high cost of installing new infrastructure,” said Bo Vork Nielsen, Division Director of R&D at ITW GSE. “Because most GPUs, PCAs and similar units are designed to always accommodate peak loads, these units operate with 35-50% surplus capacity on average. Thanks to IPM, EcoGate takes advantage of this surplus to power additional or upgraded equipment – always prioritising the needs of GPUs and without exceeding a present limit on total power consumption.”

Looking ahead, ITW GSE plans to continue developing new EcoGate enabled equipment with each new integration expected to deliver efficiencies and benefits that would not be possible without the ‘teamwork’ EcoGate enables, according to the company.

Commenting on today’s megatrends in the aviation industry, ITW GSE Global Sales Director, David Feuga, said: “They include improving the efficiency of all operations, controlling the cost of technological advances, continued electrification of airport equipment, intelligent control of various systems and ensuring power security. EcoGate is right at the centre of these trends, using sophistiated technology to enable improvemetns while lowering costs.”

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