John Wayne Airport (JWA) in Orange County, California has launched its ‘Helping Hands’ programme to assist individuals with hidden disabilities.

The initiative has been designed to lend a hand to passengers, families and caregivers by providing assistance and support to ease their experience while travelling through the airport. The service is available from 6am to 11pm daily.

Those using the free service will be eligible for help with various elements of navigating their way round the airport including: guidance during the arrival, check-in, security and boarding processes; arranging tours to help prepare customers before travel; an optional bracelet to help inform airport employees that more time and extra care may be required when travelling through the airport; and facilitating calls to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and arranging for TSA Cares support as well as assistance with airlines.

“Our team at JWA understands that all guests are unique and may require different levels of support specific to their needs,” said Barry Rondinella, airport director.

Our friendly staff are specially trained to assist travellers and their families with sensitivity and understanding to provide a superior guest service while helping them navigate the airport.

Header image: Pictured (left to right): Barry Rondinella, John Wayne Airport Director; OC Autism Mascot “Austin;” Julie Chau Diep, OC Autism Founder and Executive Director; Max Behura; and Nathaniel Behura, Autism Advocate.

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