With tourism slowly reopening across the globe, a new digital campaign from brewery giant, Heineken, celebrates the fun and the element of discovery that travel brings. The campaign is aimed at European holidaymakers and encourages people to travel in a socially responsible way and to follow government safety measures.

The campaign, which is named ‘The greatest stories can be read in your passport,’ is a call to action that according to Heineken mirrors the growing consumer desire to travel since the pandemic ground travel to a halt some 18 months ago. Using geo-targeting at nine key airports – Alicante, Amsterdam, Schiphol, Barcelona, Dublin, London Stansted, Milan Linate, Milan Malpensa, Paris Charles de Gaulle and Paris Orly – the campaign has been running over nine weeks through August and September and has engaged with more than 800,000 travellers. Passengers close to boarding and ready to enjoy their inflight experience were quizzed on what beverage they will consume onboard. Heineken and zero alcohol Heineken 0.0 were both featured in the campaign.

Explaining that the ultimate goal of the digital campaign is to encourage customers to travel in a socially responsible way and to play a part in keeping the world open, Kateryna Vasylchenko, Marketing Manager at Heinken Global Duty Free team said: “As a global brand we are committed to engaging with our key communities and, for travel, this means calling out all that’s great bout the discovery of travelling while reminding and encouraging us all how we can contribute to staying safe and keeping the world open.”

She added that “geo-targeting in the airports enables us to drive passenger consideration of the Heineken brand as close as possible to the moment of consumption, supporting conversion opportunities for our airline partners as they work to maximise onboard ancillary revenues as a key strand to business recovery.”

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