London’s dedicated business aviation hub, Farnborough Airport, has teamed up with the yacht brokerage company, Edmiston, to create a first-of-its-kind collaboration with the largest ever air-side advertisement on the airport’s radar tower, as part of a new fully immersive guest experience.

Passengers using the airport will find the award-winning terminal’s welcome wall and customer service vehicles featuring Edmiston’s iconic red branding, a newly designed Edmiston Lounge, and in July, the terminal’s 18m high air-side radar tower will also showcase the yacht company’s branding.

The Edmiston Lounge features a fully bespoke design, decked out with luxurious fabrics and furniture paired with Edmiston photography, a travel library, works of art and yacht models. In July, Edmiston’s creative branding placement will wrap two sides of the airport’s radar tower. The banner scales 18m high and 18m wide, making it the largest ever air-side advertisement in a UK airport.

“We believe there is great brand synergy between Edmiston and Farnborough Airport in offering exceptional service and an unrivalled private travel experience,” said Simon Geere, CEO of Farnbourh Airport. “We are delighted to launch our collaboration with Edmiston, and we look forward to welcoming clients travelling through our airport as they await their departure.”

Meanwhile, Jamie Edmiston, CEO of Edmiston said: “Guests travelling through Farnborough Airport can now experience a slice of the Edmiston lifestyle whilst waiting for their flight. We will offer them the greatest service and comfort when using the jet terminal, much as they would receive on one of our yachts, providing a completely seamless service from sky to sea.”

The creative branding sees two high-end luxe travel brands coming together to offer guests an immersive experience by adding extra touch points throughout the customer journey.

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