Part of the Luxaviation Group, ExecuJet has added a second Pilatus PC-24 to its managed fleet at Cape Town International in South Africa.

The airport offers an ideal location for the popular safari excursions the aircraft is suited to and from ExecuJet’s Cape Town FBO the aircraft can reach Angola, Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique.

“Already the aircraft has been proving very popular amongst ExecuJet customers, and so we are delighted to have the additional support of a second PC-24, extending its unique capabilities to even more of our clients in the region,” said Gavin Kiggen, vice president, ExecuJet.

He added: “The off-road capabilities of the world’s first Super Versatile Jet, the Pilatus PC-24, make it the perfect aircraft for exploring Africa. Its outstanding short and rough-field performance give it the ability to land almost anywhere; it will be invaluable in supporting the varied and expansive missions of ExecuJet’s new Safari & Tours division.”

Last year ExecuJet became the first business aviation company to operate and manage the PC-24 in the region.

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