Düsseldorf Airport has commissioned Materna IPS to install several check-in and self-service bag drop kiosks in the airport. The new self-service facilities are being installed as part of an extensive modernisation project, aiming to provide more comfort, better service and smoother travel experiences for the expected 20 million passengers in 2023.

The new two-step bag drop process will allow passengers to check-in on site as well as print out their bag tag at the kiosk touchpoint. For passengers who are already checked in, there will be additional kiosks available for issuing bag tags. The second step will involve passengers dropping off their baggage at one of the self-service bag drop systems.

Speaking about the modern passenger handling solution, Lars Redeligx, Managing Director, Flughafen Düsseldorf GmbH, said: “We are delighted to have Materna IPS as a partner from the region who will support us with their technological know-how to make our passenger handling even better.”

The division of the new bag drop process into several steps will enable shorter waiting times and will support the airport with passenger volumes at peak times. The kiosks, which will be installed in different phases throughout the year, are designed to blend seamlessly with the modern environment of the airport and to adapt to the individual technical requirements onsite.

According to Dr. Georg Oschmann, Managing Director, Materna IPS, there has been strong cooperation between the airport and Materna IPS, who both look forward to equipping the airport with the latest passenger handling technologies: “I’m convinced that adding Materna IPS self-service technologies will complete the forward-looking strategy of the Düsseldorf airport.”

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