Airport logistics provider, Siemens Logistics, has successfully won the bid to integrate a new hold baggage screening system (HBS) at Dublin Airport.

The contract requires Siemens Logistics to replace the existing HBS, which consists of 6km of conveyor and an automated sorting system, and install an additional line to further increase capacity. One of the challenges of the project will be to carry out the work without disrupting passenger operations and flight schedules.

“We are delighted to once more support daa with the baggage handling system at Terminal 2 and to continue our partnership with Dublin Airport,” said Michael Reichle, CEO of Siemens Logistics. The logistics provider supplied and installed the existing baggage handling system in 2010 and the decision to continue with Siemens is based on a “long and positive relationship,” said Porfessor Stephen Byrne, Head of Design and Delivery at daa.

The implementation of new baggage screening units is based on increased international safety regulations: All baggage inspection systems at European airports must be equipped with explosives detection systems based on Standard 3 HBS Security Regulatory Requirements.

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