German innovators DESKO and MELOS have developed a complete digital all-in-one mobile Covid testing facility that is suitable for use in airports, as well as other public institutions and private businesses.

According to the two German innovators, the processes currently employed at testing stations have been subject to criticism because it’s impossible to guarantee rapid tracing and the interruption of infection chains. The collaboration between DESKO and MELOS has led to a mobile solution that can be scaled to any airport or company size. The package includes hardware and software and the ability to deliver results within 24 hours. The entire testing process is a self-contained system.

“Integrating our ID scanner into the MELOS system is an optimal solution to the problem of conclusively allocating identities,” said Alexander Zahn, CEO of DESKO. The MELOS MDN software provides all the required interfaces for the laboratory systems, physician software, clinic systems, health authorities and the Robert Koch institute.

While the testing solutions have yet to be deployed at any airports, they have been successfully tested in live operation and are being used by mid-sized companies and international company groups.

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