Denver International Airport has completed Phase 1 of its Great Hall Project featuring 86 new self-bag drop (SBD) systems developed by Materna IPS.

The opening of the SBD systems aligns with the airport’s extensive technological redevelopment project; and is designed to provide a seamless check-in experience with the ability to check-in over-sized luggage, like skis and snowboards. The hybrid self-bag drops are also equipped with counters and can be operated by airline staff if needed – this gives the airport increased flexibility to meet the growth demand.

The deployment of the 86 kiosks is the largest and most extensive hybrid self-bag drop installation in the US. The systems went live with Southwest Airlines in November, followed by United Airlines. Within the first two weeks, more than 35,000 bags had been processed with the newly integrated automatic baggage handling system. They also decreased the average passenger transaction time at the airport by nearly 50% during this period.

In addition to the hardware solution, Southwest Airlines will be using the Materna IPS SBD application to operate the new automated baggage handling process. Materna IPS will also be responsible for hosting the self-bag drop system within the AWS Cloud, where the availability and functionality of the SBD units are constantly monitored.

“Everyone is absolutely honoured to be part of this incredible, groundbreaking and innovative project that is revolutionising passenger handling in the US,” said Gary McDonald, President of Materna IPS, USA.

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