OTG shopping

Hospitality group OTG is introducing Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology in its CIBO Express Gourmet Markets at two US airports enabling passengers and visitors to shop faster by selecting their items and walking out.

The new technology was rolled out at Newark Liberty’s Terminal C on 16 March with additional stores at the New York hub as well as LaGuardia Airport following suit.

By using Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology in these markets, busy airport travellers can quickly enter the store using their credit card, grab the items they wish to purchase, and just walk out for maximum speed and convenience.

“We’ve found that shoppers truly appreciate checkout-free retail experiences, so we’re thrilled to be working with an innovative company like OTG to bring our proven Just Walk Out technology to their airport stores,” said Dilip Kumar, Vice President, Physical Retail & Technology at Amazon.

Rick Blatstein, CEO of OTG, explained that the introduction of Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology in OTG stores is expected to revolutionise the airport experience for passengers. He added that this work with Amazon is another step in OTG’s ongoing commitment to providing a frictionless experience.

“We’re incredibly proud to be integrating Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology into the OTG airport experience,” he said. “OTG has always embraced technology as a means of optimising the airport experience so that we can give our guests their time back. By using the world’s most advanced shopping technology in our CIBO Express Gourmet Markets, we’re doing just that by putting our guests in full control of their time.”

According to OTG, its reimagined airport terminals are designed to be perfect gateways to the cities and regions they serve, integrating here-and-now technology, iconic design and locally sourced dining and market options that create a true sense of place. Reinforcing this philosophy the adoption of Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology showcases the company’s approach to leveraging advanced and innovative technologies to create a seamless airport experience and to offer its airline carrier partners terminals that travelers want to visit.

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