Air bp’s book and claim solution makes SAF more accessible for all

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Certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB), Air bp’ book and claim solution provides customers with wider market access to SAF across a number of locations.

One of the big challenges with SAF, according to Air bp, is that current volumes and existing supply points are limited. Subsequently, delivering SAF far from those supply points can be an expensive process. In addition, long supply chains can create increased carbon emissions, which would reduce the overall carbon savings form the use of the SAF. With SAF only currently available at a small number of locations across Europe and North America, Air bp’s book and claim solution allows customers to access SAF carbon reductions without being physically connected to the supply site.

Essentially this means that bp is able to deliver the SAF into the supply chain at one airport location and ‘book’ the carbon reduction associated with it into a registry. Then the customer at another location can ‘claim’ those carbon reductions by purchasing their traditional jet fuel along with the benefit of the lifecycle carbon reductions that have been registered in that registry.

A global multi-stakeholder organisation that supports the SAF and wider bioeconomy sector with sustainability solutions, partnerships and certification, RSB will certify Air bp’s book and claim SAF sales based on its’ own robust procedures and manage the book and claim registry.

The solution is particularly relevant to the private aviation sector where volumes are smaller and typically purchased over a wide number of locations. So, if SAF isn’t available at the location a customer is flying from, they still have the opportunity to purchase the carbon reductions for SAF that is placed into the supply chain where it is most cost effective and where carbon emissions from the transport of the product can be reduced. The book and claim customer is then issued a certificate by the registry showing the volume of SAF delivered and the corresponding lifecycle carbon emission savings. In addition to providing a wider range of customers access to the benefits of SAF, book and claim also helps Air bp to develop a greater understanding of SAF demand.

Ross Aviation’s newest FBO at Witham Field Airport in Florida joins Paragon Aviation Group

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Paragon Aviation Group has added Ross Aviation at Stuart Jet Center at Witham Field Airport in Florida to its network of global FBOs.

The FBO offers more than 15 acres of well lit and secure ramp space in addition to more than 400,000 sq.ft. of hangar space.

“Ross Aviation at Stuart Jet Center is a perfect alternative to the more congested FBOs at PBI,” said Megan Barnes, President of Paragon Aviation Group. “We are honoured to continue our symbiotic relationship with Ross Aviation in providing passengers and crew members the best in safety, service, reliability, quality and value at each one of our FBOs around the globe.”

Meanwhile, Brian Corbett, CEO of Ross Aviation added: “We are proud to welcome Stuart Jet Center to our expanding network of FBOs. South Florida is an important market and we’ve long admired the level of flight hospitality that the team provides for both based tenants and transient guests on the large, well-maintained campus.”

Paragon’s network now includes 111 FBO locations worldwide in 26 countries. Top US markets consist of Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Seattle and Washington DC. Internationally it has FBOs in Barcelona, Brussels, Cape Town, Dubai, Geneva, Madrid, Monterrey, Sydney and Paris.

Plattsburgh FBO joins Avflight network

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Avflight corporation has welcomed its 24th FBO: Avflight Plattsburgh at Plattsburgh International Airport in New York, serving the Plattsburgh, Montreal and Lake Placid region, including upstate New York, southern Quebec and Vermont. It will provide customers with convenient access to a number of local attractions and areas of interest including: Lake Champlain, the Adirondacks, outdoor guide services, museums and golf resorts.

“The addition of Avflight Plattsburgh provides a key position for the Avflight Network in the Northeast,” said Gartett Hain, Avflight’s Vice President of finance. “This location serves as the ultimate gateway to thriving international businesses and leisure destinations throughout the region. We are proud to bring Avflight’s expertise and passion for aviation, backed by a network of 24 FBOs, to PBG, connecting our loyal customers with the facilities and services they expect in the Avflight Network.”

As the sole full-service FBO at Plattsburgh Airport, Avflight Plattsburgh offers 24-hour fuelling services, US customs, aircraft parking, hangar space, expert ground handling, a GPU/ power cart, courtesy transportation, rental cars, catering, aircraft maintenance, weather service access and professional concierge services.

The new FBO facility will include a 12,852 sq.ft. heated hangar, two 10-bay T-hangars; more than 100,000 gallons of fuel storage; a self-serve avgas pump; a 200,00 sq.ft. ramp and a 5,600 sq.ft. FBO terminal building.

With Avflight’s agreement with the airport finalised, the fuelling company will turn its attention to modernising the facilities in line with the Avflight brand, including new signage, design elements and décor. Once updated the FBO will feature well-appointed passenger and pilot lobbies, a flight planning room, a snooze room and a conference room with full A/V and seating for 12.

Exeter and Cornwall champion arrival of Ampaire’s hybrid electric aircraft

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A pioneer in hybrid electric aircraft technology, Ampaire has this week launched demonstration flights between Exeter Airport and Cornwall Airport, to showcase the benefits of sustainable aviation, by driving down costs and emissions on short regional routes.

“We are incredibly excited and proud to be supporting this initiative and to see Exeter Airport play a central role in demonstrating and developing this important technology,” said Stephen Wiltshire, Operations Director, Exeter Airport.
Flying between the two regional hubs, which are located 85 miles apart on a combination of battery and piston power, Ampaire’s flights are part of a series of government-backed trials aimed at moving the UK towards green aviation.

Demonstration flights will be operated by its Electric EEL technology aircraft. The modified US-built six-seat Cessna 337 Skymaster, features a battery-powered electric motor at the front and conventional combustion engine at the rear, enabling a reduction in emissions and operating costs by as much as 30%.

Ampaire is currently developing hybrid electric power train upgrades for 9 to 19-seat regional aircraft, including the Cessna Grand Caravan and Twin Otter. Last year the company received £2.4 million from the UK Research and Innovation’s (UKRI) £30 million Future Flight Challenge towards the consortium’s £5 million 2ZERO (Towards Zero Emissions in Regional Aircraft Operations) programme. The programme involves the operation of hybrid electric aircraft on regional routes in South West UK, together with a study of the ecosystem required to enable the future of electric aircraft within existing airport and airline operations.

“Low-emission aircraft are vitally needed on short haul regional routes to meet the UK’s net-zero objective for aviation,” said Dr. Susan Ying, Ampaire’s Senior VP for Global Operations. “We are developing commercial aircraft now that will begin this revolution in sustainable aviation with service entry planned for 2024.”

The EEL will be based at Exeter Airport from where it will fly on two CAA-approved routes, taking it over the dramatic expanse of Dartmoor, or on a more southerly flight path along the stunning Devon and Cornwall coastline, before touching down at Cornwall Airport Newquay.

“The EEL flies very much like a conventional aircraft, with some new instrumentation for power management,” said demonstration pilot, Elliot Sequin. “We have flown it nonstop from Los Angeles to San Francisco and now the length of the UK without any difficulty. It is the forerunner of a new generation of efficient aircraft that will be easy to fly for pilots and cost effective for airlines.”

Pete Downes, Managing Director at Cornwall Newquay Airport commented: “We’re passionate about being part of the solution in terms of the sustainable future of aviation and are incredibly proud to be partnering with Ampaire in this exciting project. At a time when domestic regional travel is stronger than ever, it’s vital we work together to find the most sustainable way to deliver this in the future.”

Avfuel partners with JSSI to assist customers in offsetting carbon emissions

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Jet Support Services, Inc (JSSI) has teamed up with aviation fuel provider, Avfuel, to provide customers with direct access to a carbon offset programme, as well as sustainability tools and resources.

As a leading provider of maintenance support and financial services to the business aviation industry, JSSI is enabling its clients to evaluate and reduce their net carbon emissions by providing a convenient online carbon dioxide (CO2) calculator to estimate emissions, facilitating a simple option to purchase carbon credits to offset emissions, and boost the adoption of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) through Avfuel.

“We are excited to partner with Avfuel to enable our clients to reduce carbon emissions,” said Neil Book, Chairman and CEO of JSSI. “With approximately 10% of the world’s business aviation fleet enrolled on JSSI maintenance programmes, we aspire to have a meaningful impact on our industry objective of reaching carbon neutrality by 2050. As research and technology continues to advance, we intend to explore many other innovative paths toward decarbonisation.”

Meanwhile, Craig Sincock, Avfuel’s President and CEO, commented: “We are proud to collaborate to provide efficient tools that make a proven difference in sustainability. We congratulate JSSI for being a true champion for carbon neutrality and are excited to support its admirable goals for a brighter, cleaner future.”

In line with its efforts to drive change towards a sustainable future, JSSI will provide online resources within its customer portal to facilitate the purchase of SAF through Avfuel.

Melbourne Orlando International Airport welcomes ongoing supply of SAF

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Avfuel and Embraer have collaborated to bring Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) to Florida’s Melbourne Orlando International Airport.

The agreement comes as Embraer shared its commitment on climate action, including achieving carbon neutral operations by 2040 and supporting the aviation industry’s goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. Both goals include integrating the use of SAF into the aircraft manufacturers sustainability initiatives.

Avfuel provided its first delivery of SAF to Melbourne Orlando’s FBO facility Sheltair for storage and handling on 14 July. Embraer plans to use the SAF in ongoing operations at its executive jet’s headquarters in Melbourne. Each truckload (approximately 8,000 gallons) of the fuel from Neste’s Houston location provides a 19.1 metric ton reduction in carbon emissions over its lifecycle – equivalent to the amount of carbon sequestered by 23.4 acres of US forests per year.

“We couldn’t be more pleased to partner with Embraer in furthering sustainability initiatives,” said Craig Sincock, Avfuel’s president and CEO. “We are honoured to provide Embraer with the leading business aviation sustainability solution—SAF—and admire its resolve against climate change. By using SAF, Embraer’s not only providing for a significant reduction in carbon emissions, it’s also providing an exceptional educational opportunity to introduce operators to SAF.”

“At Embraer, we have a deeply rooted heritage in environmentalism, which drives us to find solutions toward a more sustainable future for business aviation. As part of those solutions, we have already begun using SAF when flying to industry events. However, we are now taking our efforts a step further,” said Michael Amalfitano, president and CEO of Embraer Executive Jets. “As we just announced our ESG commitments, it’s crucial that we lead by example to show our local community, our customers, and our operators that we are doing our part and taking immediate action to shape a more sustainable ecosystem of air travel.”

Meanwhile, Sheltair Melbourne’s General Manger, Jamie Toler added: “As business aviation continues to grow, sustainable aviation fuel will be a vital part of advancing our industry and protecting the environment. We are delighted to be an instrument of change thanks to our relationship and partnership with Embraer and Avfuel. Our mutual commitment will only strengthen more environmentally friendly programs.”

Avfuel expands branded network with addition of Flightways Columbus

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As the lone FBO at Ohio’s Columbus Airport – the region’s only towered airport – Flightways Columbus has joined Avfuel’s branded FBO network.

Offering guests streamlined travel services including third-party maintenance and an avionics shop on site, Flightways Columbus boasts a convenient location along the Alabama/ Georgia border and congested airspace for tech stops and overnights alike.

Offering a complete portfolio of professional services and amenities, Flightways Columbus features full-service fuelling facilities, as well as self-serve avgas; GPU, potable water, a stair truck/ passenger stairs; baggage unloading and loading; cleaning; after-hours service; hotel reservations, rental cars and limo services and catering. It also features a comfortable passenger lobby; an executive conference room, a pilot briefing room and a relaxing pilot lounge and snooze room.

“At Flightways, we challenge ourselves to establish a personal connection with all customers and strive to create positive experiences that are unforgettable, which falls in line with the service that Avfuel provides – to connect people, companies and cultures,” said Michele Renfroe, Flightways Columbus’ FBO Manager.

She was joined by Joel Hirst, Senior VP Sales at Avfuel, who said: “The Avfuel team is thrilled to welcome Flightways Columbus to the Avfuel network. Its team is known for providing attentive care to planes, pilots and passengers – we look forward to helping enhance that customer experience with Avfuel’s reliable fuel supply and suite of solutions. It’s a true partnership focused on the needs of the customers. We look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead and thank the Flightways Columbus team for entrusting its fuel supply services with Avfuel.

GateOne acquires Chandler Municipal Airport’s sole FBO

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Chandler Air Service, the sole FBO at Arizona’s Chandler Municipal Airport has been acquired by GateOne, which is now the owner and operator of three FBO facilities (including Chandler Air Service) serving the Southwest aviation community. GateOne’s FBO family also includes facilities at Cedar City in Utah and San Antonio in Texas.

GateOne’s latest acquisition includes an 8,000 sq.ft. office building with a reception, pilot shop, flight instructor offices, classroom and study areas, a conference room, break room and lounge areas. It also features a 14,000 sq.ft. executive hangar capable of housing turboprops and medium size jets as well as an 8,000 sq.ft. maintenance hangar. It also includes all of Chandler Air Service’s business lines: full FBO services, a renowned part 141 flight school, aircraft rentals and maintenance.

A number of updates are already in the works on the FBO, although it will remain open during the transition process. GateOne is also in discussions with airport management to build additional hangars featuring 28-foot doors to handle larger business jets.

Chandler Air Service, which has been in operation for more than 40 years, having opened in 1976, has garnered a reputation for exceptional customer care. GateOne will maintain the FBOs staff and leadership, ensuring a smooth transition for its valued customers. The FBO will also undergo rebranding to the GateOne Chandler name.

“The team at Chandler has historically done an upstanding job at addressing the aviation community’s needs,” said Thomas Mathew, President and CEO of GateOne. “GateOne looks forward to helping support the airport’s growth as business and leisure travel in southern Phoenix booms. Our goal is to build upon the FBO’s solid foundation to enhance the local aviation community’s experience with GateOne Chandler as a premier gateway to metro Phoenix – an experience that will match the level of service and amenities found at GateOne Cedar City and GateOne Stinson.”

Situated in the southeast corner of the greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area in central Arizona, the Avfuel-branded GateOne Chandler FBO will provide a convenient fly-in location for access to the area’s businesses, fine dining and cultural attractions with the Grand Canyon and Air Museum of Tucson just a couple of hours flight away.

Richmond Executive Aviation opens premier facility at Chesterfield County Airport

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The full-service FBO, Richmond Executive Aviation (REA), has celebrated the opening of its new premier facility at Richmond Executive-Chesterfield County Airport, Virginia in the US.

The $2.5 million investment features an 800 sq.ft FBO terminal, 1,700 sq. ft. of office space and 20,000 sq. ft. of hangar space able to accommodate up to a Gulfstream G450. The luxe FBO facility combines a modern, industrial architecture with natural elements for an inviting atmosphere. Amenities include a state-of-the-art meeting space with seating for 15 and full AV, a pilot lounge, a pilot planning area, flight training classrooms, a concession bar, Wi-Fi and charging stations, and an impressive lobby area with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the ramp and into the hangar.

The airport features a 5,500 foot runway and REA offers business aviation customers fuelling services supplied by Avfuel, ground handling, concierge, aircraft-side ground transportation, in-flight catering, cabin restocking, aircraft management, aircraft sales and flight training. The pilot and veteran owned FBO prides itself on its motto ‘ business isn’t expected, it’s earned’ so customers can expect personalised attention.

“Our company is professional, modern and comfortable,” said Mark Hackett, CEO of REA. “Couple that with attention to detail, an emphasis in customer appreciation, and service beyond excellence… You then no longer have competition, but rather a benchmark to which others strive to match.”

Golfe de Saint-Tropez recognised for health protection policy during pandemic

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France’s Golfe de Saint-Tropez Airport has been awarded the Safety 1st Clean certification in recognition of its handling of the pandemic.

Located in the Var department in southern France, the National Air Transportation Association (NATA) has issued the dedicated business and general aviation hub with its Safety 1st Clean certification. The award covers all of the health recommendations established by the public authorities and represents the best practices in the sector.

One of three airports in the Aéroports de la Côte d’Azur group, Golfe de Saint-Tropez follows Nice Côte d’Azur in being recognised for its efforts in health protection, as the latter received ACI Health Accreditation earlier this year.

NATA’s certification was awarded to Golfe de Saint-Tropez for its measures to clean and disinfect the buildings, its equipment and staff, and the implementation of preventive health protection measures in the terminal, as well as raising awareness amongst employees and training them in the appropriate measures for combatting the spread of the virus.

“This certification is important for Golfe de Saint-Tropez Airport and for the Aéroports de la Côte d’Azur Group as a whole, as the fight against the pandemic impacts commercial aviation as much as business aviation,” said Franck Goldnadel, Chairman of the Board of Aéroports de la Côte d’Azur.

“As the operator of the airports, our commitment cannot be on a variable basis. It is our responsibility towards our region, and is a requirement for the return to normal air traffic,” he added.