Avfuel, a supplier of aviation fuel and services with a global FBO network, has taken a significant step in its commitment to lowering carbon emissions by partnering with Gevo – specialists in next generation biofuels.

Through the agreement, Avfuel will become the exclusive distributor for Gevo’s sustainable alternative jet fuel (SAJF) portion of it’s renewable hydrocarbon products. “As a leader in the global supply of aviation fuel and services, we have a social responsibility to make sustainable alternative jet fuel a reality in the marketplace,” said Craig Sincock, owner, president and CEO of Avfuel.

Acknowledging that the agreement will also help the company meet the demand of its customers for a low-carbon, alternative jet fuel, Sincock added: “the agreement is a notable component in our overall strategy to support our industry’s commitment to reduce carbon emissions and enhance sustainability to mitigate its effect on climate change.

“Gaining reliable access to a product that’s currently in limited supply was an important benchmark for our alternative fuel initiative,” he continued.

Initially Gevo will supply SAJF to Avfuel from its small-scale hydrocarbon processing facility in Silsbee, Texas. But this new partnership will enable Gevo to take an important next step in its efforts to develop a larger-scale hydrocarbon facility. This new plant is expected to have production capacity of approximately 10-12 million gallons per year, from which SAJF would be supplied to Avfuel.

“Avfuel has tremendous reach with 650-plus Avfuel-branded locations and more than 3,000 fuelling locations worldwide,” said Patrick Gruber, Gevo’s CEO. He added “we appreciate its vision and leadership in working with us to bring a friendlier and more sustainable fuel to the market place.”

Written by: Chloe Greenbank

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