Air Navigation Solutions (ANSL) has partnered with Cranfield University to launch an Air Traffic Management (ATM) Occurrence Investigator Course.

Developed by Pam Laycock, ANSL’s Lead Investigator and Chris Kimber, Unit Lead Investigator for Gatwick in collaboration with Dr Leigh Dunn, Lecturer in Aircraft Accident Investigation at Cranfield, the course will provide trainee investigators with practical, hands-on experience of carrying out a high-fidelity ATM occurrence investigation and writing a comprehensive investigation report.

“We realised that developing a course which combines theory with a simulated investigation would help us to both train our own staff and equip the industry with more highly competent investigators, enabling constructive learnings to be taken from incidents across the country. That is what ANSL, in partnership with Cranfield University, has created,” said Kimber.

Dr Leigh Dunn added: “When designing our investigation training courses, we are looking to teach the fundamental techniques of investigation fine-tuned to the specific industry that the delegates work in. This is what makes the partnership between Cranfield University and Air Navigation Solutions, with its in-depth understanding of the ATM industry, a perfect match. Together we have produced a hands-on training course that will provide ATM investigators with the skills that are required to conduct thorough and credible investigations.”

Following a successful pilot of the course earlier this year in February, which was attended by 12 delegates from Jersey Airport and ANSL, the course will run at the end of November.

“The course tutors and specialist contributors provided a comprehensive introduction to the range of skills required to carry out investigations including analysis tools, interviewing techniques and report compiling. The course comprised a great mix of practical and theoretical training and is highly recommended,” said John Daly, an Air Traffic Controller at Jersey Airport.

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