Air Navigation Solutions (ANSL), the UK-based air navigation services provider (ANSP) has launched an operational compliance solution to help airports reinstate or scale up their operations in the wake of COVID-19.

ANSL originally developed Attis to manage the recovery and scaling up of its own air traffic management operations at its existing airport locations. But the solution is now being offered to other airports that have either closed or substantially reduced operations since March.

The Attis Basic package is offered free of charge to airports and delivers everything required for the management of a safe and compliant recovery. It includes all Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) required core elements, including: training, rostering, PPE requirements, cleaning and COVID risk assessments engineering. A wider range of tailored services are also available to airports.

“This is a critical time for all elements of the aviation industry to work together to ensure we collectively recover from the pandemic,” said Henry Game, Managing Director of ANSL. “We are keen to play our part in this vital process by sharing our proven expertise in air traffic management to enable airports to scale up their operations in a safe, compliant and cost-efficient manner,” he added.

Meanwhile, Paul Diestelkamp, Head of Business Development & Solutions at ANSL added: “Our work with airports of differing sizes has given us a clear understanding of their operational and compliance needs. This has enabled us to quickly develop solutions that not only serve our existing locations, but can be tailored to the needs of other airports to also help them recover from the pandemic.”

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