Allegiant Air has announced its plans to open an operations base at Concord-Padgett Regional Airport in North Carolina. The airport will become the airline’s 21st base.

The company is investing $50 million in the project, expecting to create at least 66 high-wage jobs and house two Airbus aircraft. Allegiant commented that it will focus on linking its customers to small-to-medium cities to provide more travel opportunities and aims to launch its North Carolina base on 7 October 2020.

Since establishing its service Allegiant has flown more than one million passengers through Concord including 353,000 in 2019 alone.”

“With a growing and diverse population seeking affordable vacation travel, and as a regional destination for race enthusiasts, arts fans and more, Concord is an ideal location for an Allegiant base,” said Keith Hansen, Allegiants VP of Government Affairs. “Having locally-based operations will mean opportunities for expanded hours, as well as more – and more frequent – flight offerings for residents and visitors alike.”

The partnership involved voices within Concord City Council and Cabarrus County Commissioners.

Allegiant successfully improved the tourism industry in Cabarrus County, accumulating $469 million in visitor spending in 2018, “positively impacting the local economy and quality of life in our community.” It is hoped that the company will have the same impact in Concord.

The company has announced plans to begin hiring pilots, flight attendants, mechanics and ground personnel to support the operations.

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