The European airport industry (represented by ACI Europe) and tourism sector have joined forces in celebrating an EU-Qatar aviation agreement, hailing it as an important factor in the further expansion of air connectivity for Europe’s airports and the communities they serve.

The agreement will not only help facilitate the development of new air services, providing increased benefits for consumers and supporting the economy – tourism in particular, but it is also expected to provide a balanced and progressive lifting of restrictions for airlines to fly between the EU and Qatar.

“Europe’s airports rely on open skies to attract airlines and develop their route network. This is about enhancing connectivity for our communities and providing more choice for consumers,” said Olivier Jankovec, director general, ACI Europe, underlining his support for the agreement, which was initialed on Monday 4 March, 2019. “Today’s EU-Qatar aviation agreement is an important step in the implementation of the EU Aviation Strategy. Crucially, it signals that Europe remains committed to a liberal and open aviation policy – with consumer interest and wider economic benefits at the forefront.”

Meanwhile, Eduardo Santander, executive Director, European Travel Commission added: “Air connectivity has a strategic relevance for the European tourism and travel sector with air transport being the only way for most international tourists to get into Europe. Liberalisation of the aviation market is essential to maintain Europe’s number 1 position as a tourist destination and ensure the continued contribution of the sector to the European economy”.

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