Airlines and airports have been urged to install efficient solutions for people with limited mobility, following a report by Landrum & Brown that predicts more than 21% of the US population will be aged over 65 by 2035.

One accessibility solution already being adopted by airports is WHILL, an autonomous mobility service provider of electric mobility chairs. WHILL technology allows airline passengers to travel more freely by autonomously transporting them to their gates, or allowing them to “drive” themselves. By entering flight information, passengers can be taken by the chair to their departure gate. Winnipeg Richardson International Airport in the US is already on board.

WHILL’s Model C2 electric chair is tailored for small airports, with capabilities including portability and disassembly, making tight turns in narrow hallways and elevators, a remote locking system and personalised adjustments to a passenger’s body for maximised comfort.

Image: WHILL

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