International aviation fuel products and service supplier, Air bp, is rolling out its innovative start-stop technology on all its fuel hydrant dispensers in Portugal – the first country in the fuel suppliers operated network to achieve this milestone.

Reducing carbon emissions of each vehicle by an average of 25%, Air bp’s start-stop technology automatically shuts down and restarts the vehicle engine to reduce the amount of time the engine spends idling, thereby reducing fuel consumption and emissions. The overall saving is estimated to be 3.4 tonnes of CO2e  per vehicle per year.

Effective immediately, the start-stop technology will be installed on all Air bp’s newly procured hydrant dispensers. The overall aim is to have all existing hydrant dispensers across its global operated network, that are less than 10 years old, retrofitted with the technology by the end of 2021.

Having achieved carbon neutrality across its global operated airport into-plane fuel facilities in 2016, the start-stop technology is one of several elements that form part of Air bp’s carbon management plan.

“Our carbon management plan is a key part of Air bp’s global operations. In 2016, we made a 10-year pledge to retain our carbon neutral accreditation. In relation to start-stop technology, over the past two years we have worked hard to achieved this first milestone and continue to work determinedly towards achieving our aims,” said Gigi Yuen, Air bp’s Global Carbon Neutral Lead.

Other initiatives that are used by the company to reduce carbon emissions across its global operated facilities include: reducing the number of road journeys made by trucks; using electric powered vehicles and using an in-line magnetic filter, Magna-Strain, within pipelines to reduce the electrical demand on pumps.

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