Abilene Regional Airport

Abilene Regional Airport in Texas is currently maintaining its flight schedule, even though the airport has experienced a decline in passenger numbers as a result of the coronavirus.

Abilene Director of Transportation Services Don Green commented: “You have to keep in mind that we’ve been through pandemics before. We’ve been through SARS. We’ve been through H1N1 here.” Additional precautions are in place at the airport, such as adding lines of tape to ensure passengers stay at a safe distance from each other and staff and to prevent any further spread of the virus.

Additionally since 28 March, passengers travelling from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut have had to identify themselves to state troopers situated at the exit lanes, before completing a form that agrees they will self-quarantine for at least 14 days or until they leave Texas.

Green concluded that while flight schedules are currently being maintained, things could slow down moving forward, but this is dependent on the airlines themselves.

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